Chris Brown's Mom: I'm Disturbed and Upset!

March 23, 2011 By:
Chris Brown's Mom: I'm Disturbed and Upset!

Joyce Hawkins, Chris Brown's momager, says she's "very disturbed and upset"
about her son's behavior.

A source said that Brown spoke to his mother immediately after the outburst,
and she was "very, very upset with him."

"Joyce told Chris not to lose his cool again, this is what people expect him
to do," a source told

He hurled a chair and broke the window of a building. If that's "losing your
cool", I guess the Lohans occasionally get into "a little bit of legal

The source continued, "She reminded Chris about how hard he had worked on
the album, and Joyce didn't seem distressed about the line of questioning
that Robyn Roberts gave him regarding Rihanna."

Chris seemed to be calmed down after speaking to his mom. "Chris just feels
like he can't catch a break, and wants to move on from what happened."

Chris Brown should get on Evite so he can get the invitations to his pity
party out quicker. So far I think the only one attending is Ike Turner. Oh,
and I'm so glad his mom wasn't distressed over the whole Rihanna thing. That
must have been really painful for them.

The night after Tuesday's incident, Brown was also grinding on the butt of
some random skank at his record release party in NYC. Either that, or the
girl was keeping her distance with her ass to avoid getting hit in the face.