Chris Brown's Life in Danger?

February 24, 2009 By:
Chris Brown's Life in Danger?

In the wake of the Rihanna's alleged attack, we almost forgot about what Chris Brown is up to. But some people have been keeping an eye on him because apparently he’s a marked man.

The new In Touch Weekly reports that Chris remains in seclusion, surrounded by bodyguards because he fears for his life. And insider says, “Chris is scared. Not only did he probably lose his career and his girlfriend, but he’s also fearing for his security and his life.”

Well it makes sense that he would be receiving threats right now! If people will go as far as sending death threats to the OctoMom, someone who beats up his girlfriend will surely get the same reaction from the public.

A music insider tells the magazine, “Chris is a marked man. He faces criminal charges and possible jail time, but he’s going to have to deal with Rihanna’s legion of fans and her close-knit friends in the industry.”

The thing that triggered the threats was the photo that was leaked showing Rihanna badly beaten. The insider says, “That was the last straw. The threats started pouring in the moment that appeared online.”

Scary stuff! We’d recommend for Chris to stay in hiding like he is. Facing the public at a time like this would not be a smart move.