Chris Brown's Lawyer Appears In NY After Nightclub Brawl

June 14, 2012 By:
Chris Brown's Lawyer Appears In NY After Nightclub Brawl

Luckily for Chris Brown, his lawyer happened to be in NYC the day after the WIP nightclub brawl that broke out between Brown, his girlfriend, his people, and Drake's entire entourage.

Chris Brown Injured In NYC Bar Fight

RadarOnline has the details of lawyer Mark Geragos coming to the defense of his client and working with the New York City Police Department and the management of the nightclub to determine exactly what happened.

Apparently, Drake made an exit before the glass started flying, but Brown got caught up in the middle of the fray.

Chris Brown’s Rep: He Was A Victim Of Brutal Attack

Geragos has an impressive past and present client list that includes the names Michael Jackson, Winona Ryder and Scott Peterson. He also represented Brown as he pleaded guilty to assaulting former girlfriend, Rihanna.

Ironically, this fight reportedly also broke out over Rihanna, whom Drake has also dated.

Some people might see the irony in Brown getting his ass whooped over the woman who he infamously attacked… except for the fact that Rihanna was no where near to witness the possible retribution, but a lot of other people were -- and they, unfortunately, got caught in the middle of this whole mess, some suffering serious injuries.

An eyewitness reported, "There was blood all over. Both of their entourages got involved and it all got really out of control really fast. The club was unrecognizable afterwards!"

Brown’s current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran was also injured in the fray.