Chris Brown's Bodyguards May Be In Trouble

May 9, 2008 By:
Chris Brown's Bodyguards May Be In Trouble

A photographer is accusing Chris Brown's bodyguards of beating him up. He was snapping away, taking pics of Chris and Rihanna at his 19th birthday party on Monday, when he was allegedly chased and pinned down by the bodyguards, who then took his $3000 camera.

Luis Santana is a 25 year-old photographer from Tampa Bay Times, and says he as left with bruises and cuts on his chest, back, and arms from the incident.

He says, "I've shot many many celebrities and this was just another notch on my belt. Then it just turned sour."

Police are investigating four unnamed male suspects, who left the scene in a limousine. They should at least give him his camera back!