Chris Brown Wants to Go to Counseling

September 4, 2009 By:
Chris Brown Wants to Go to Counseling

Chris Brown is apparently looking forward to his court-ordered counseling and anger-management classes. And since he’s under 5 years probation, it sounds like he’ll be a frequent student in those classrooms!

Chris tells People, "I want to understand my feelings. I want to find out what really transpired as far as me that night. Sometimes when you're young you don't know how to express [your emotions], so I think it actually would be helpful to talk to a counselor or to somebody who has an expertise in what those [feelings] are."

Chris has already reportedly been researching domestic violence classes to show his initiative towards his probation. He says, "I wanted to take the counseling upon myself and … just talk to someone. I just need to talk to someone. I wanted to understand the problem at hand."

But despite Chris’ wanting to participate in those types of classes, he still won’t admit he has issues with anger management. He says, "If I do, I will work with my counselor and hopefully channel my anger into something like dancing. I don't think I would get that mad again. I want to be a man, so I have to be more responsible .... I'd rather walk away."

Well, he’s left himself with no choice! Let’s hope he’d walk away if that kind of situation ever presented itself to him again! We think these anger management classes are a necessity for Chris to understand the magnitude of his situation!