Chris Brown Tests Positive For Drugs – Rihanna Prays For Him

September 25, 2012 By:
Chris Brown Tests Positive For Drugs – Rihanna Prays For Him

Chris Brown possibly violated his probation in his 2009 case when he beat Rihanna. Also, Rihanna is praying for him. This makes so little sense.

Chris Brown headed to court yesterday to find out if he fulfilled his community service obligations, because the judge doesn't think he did, and so it needs to be sorted out.

Meanwhile, it was revealed yesterday that Breezy tested positive for marijuana back in June. Are you surprised?

Brown produced his medical marijuana card (what’s wrong with him? Anger issues?) and the judge told him that since he has the drugs legally, it shouldn’t be a probation violation, but anything goes in celebrity court!

Meanwhile, Rihanna is afraid Chris Brown might go to jail! Because she’s still in love with him, duh! So she tweeted at him:

Good grief Rihanna, get it together. He 'aint your “baby” anymore.

Anyways, the judge in Brown’s case has decided that his community service logs were “somewhat cryptic” so she felt as though Brown was fabricating the 1,402 hours of community service he claims to have completed.

Chris is due back in court in November to find out if he truly violated probation on his 2009 assault on Rihanna.

Rihanna is due back on twitter in 20 minutes to instagram a glamour shot of herself.