Chris Brown Talks to Larry King

August 27, 2009 By:
Chris Brown Talks to Larry King

Chris Brown has had one heck of a week. Not only was he sentenced to five years probation earlier this week, he also sat down with Larry King for his first televised interview since he attacked Rihanna.

Brown sat down with King at CNN's Los Angeles studios with his mother Joyce Hawkins and his attorney Mark Geragos.

ET reports that Brown's mother "got very emotional and started to cry during the interview."

We're not quite sure what he talked about yet, but we're assuming Rihanna was the topic of conversation, especially if it brought his mother to tears.

Brown was officially sentenced in L.A. on Tuesday afternoon after pleading guilty in June to felony assault related to a domestic violence incident involving Rihanna.

He's not allowed to contact her or go within 50 yards of her for the next five years. He also has to complete 180 days community labor, which will be supervised by the chief of police in Richmond, Va.

The interview is expected to air Wed., Sept. 2. Will you tune in?