Chris Brown Secretly Meeting Up With Ex Karrueche Tran

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Chris Brown Secretly Meeting Up With Ex Karrueche Tran
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You know when you dump your girlfriend for someone else and you still hang out together in private on a regular basis? Oh right, you don’t, because it’s not normal person behavior.

Fortunately for the gossip world, Chris Brown isn’t exactly a “normal person.” New photos show Breezy and ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran back into the same picture together on Monday.

The photos, initially published by the UK’s The Sun, show Brown driving away with what looks like Tran in the passenger seat.

But before you get your Team Breezy flags up in a tizzy, take a couple seconds to breathe and turn down the music

Better? Good...

Hollyscoop got our magnifying glasses out and did a little digging, quickly discovering that it was N-O-T his ex Tran in the passenger seat, but instead his bodyguard, whom we can assume he is not romantically with, seeing as he’s a dude.

Still it doesn’t write the R&B singer off as innocent just yet… The photos showing Tran do in fact pin Chris to the scene - just off frame.

Brown and Tran reportedly left the “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer’s house together in separate cars. The couple stopped at a gas station where the bodyguard was witnessed paying for her fuel. After filling up, they proceeded to a studio in Burbank…TOGETHER!

As we previously reported, Chris and his other ex-girlfriend Rihanna have apparently rekindled their relationship following his public breakup with Tran. The couple was spotted cozying up together over the weekend on what appeared to be a date night.

With conflicting reports and Chris’ inconsistent behavior, his current relationship status with either (or both) women is just as confusing as his drunken caught-on-camera rant that he published earlier this month.

Better figure it out soon, guys, or someone’s heart – and possibly face – is going to get broken.