Chris Brown in Rehab for Anger Management

October 30, 2013 By:
Chris Brown in Rehab for Anger Management
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Last night Chris Brown waltzed out of jail and into rehab. A classic celebrity PR move. Got a bad reputation? Check out of jail and into rehab and the world will forgive you.

But what exactly is Chris going to rehab for?

His reps said he was going to “gain focus and insight” but that sounds like a fancy cover-up to us.

TMZ is reporting that Chris Brown has officially gone to rehab for anger management issues and with all his assault charges, that sounds about right.

Jamison Monroe, CEO of Newport Academy treatment center, who has NOT treated Chris Brown, breaks down what it means to check into rehab for "anger."

"People just don't enter rehab for anger issues. Instead they will generally enter rehab when they have trouble regulating their emotions. With Chris, we are looking more at rage issues," he tells Hollyscoop

Of course, there are rumors that Chris’ issues run far deeper than just anger…a source on the set of his latest music video told us that Chris didn’t look 100% present.

“Chris looked happy but super tired. He didn't look good at all,” said one of his backup dancers on set, “He was super skinny, much skinnier than I thought he would be. He looked worn out.”

Tired, anger issues, skinny? Obviously something is going on with Chris Brown. We’ll let you read between the lines.