Chris Brown Not Partying in Miami

March 2, 2009 By:
Chris Brown Not Partying in Miami

Apparently, there were reports going around that a "reflective" Chris Brown was partying in Miami over the weekend sans Rihanna.

He was reportedly spotted at the Gansevoort Hotel with Reggie Bush, Khloe Kardashian and gang.

Khloe has decided to clear up those rumors claiming that she wasn't partying with Chris, in fact she admits that she's never even met the guy.

On her blog Khloe explains, "So I woke up this morning to a ridiculous amount of missed calls and news EVERYWHERE that I had been spotted out and about in Miami with Chris Brown. The funny part about this alleged 'news' is that I've never even met Chris Brown!"

So who was the mystery guy partying with the group? "Reggie's best friend looks just like Chris Brown," a source close to Khloe said. "They were all at the Gansevoort, but it wasn't Chris."

Meanwhile, Rihanna and Chris were photographed leaving Miami on a private jet late last night. Wonder where they are off to next?