Chris Brown: Leave Me Alone, No More Apologizes!

June 24, 2011 By:
Chris Brown: Leave Me Alone, No More Apologizes!

Chris Brown is tired of apologizing for every little single thing he does and feels like he “can't even p**s without somebody complaining.”

Chris had a pretty good reputation around town before 2009. And then he assaulted Rihanna. It pretty much went downhill after that. In the last two years he’s beaten his girlfriend, trashed a network studio and made homophobic comments. Lets just say Santa isn’t visiting him this year…or next.

He tweeted: “This will make things a whole lot easier. If you don't
like/support me then don't listen to my music (sic). Latching on to my every word and criticizing makes you look thirsty.

“I can't even piss without somebody complaining. Imagine how I feel
(sic). A person should not have to apologize every second for living life (sic)!”

How about you stop saying and doing dumb sh*t then you won’t have anything to apologize about? It’s as simple as that. Don’t beat your girlfriend. Don’t have a sh*t attack on live television and break windows. Don’t make vulgar comments about the gay community. It’s so simple it’s sad that he doesn’t realize it.

Do you think everyone is too hard on Chris? Or does he do stupid crap that results in us criticizing him?