Chris Brown Injured In NYC Bar Fight

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Chris Brown Injured In NYC Bar Fight

Did this really just happen? Breezy vs. Drizzy in a sketchy bar brawl throw down?

At a nightclub in New York City, Chris Brown and Drake dropped their gloves and had at it. The fisticuffs left blood, a Twitter trail, and probably some tears.

Reportedly, Drake threw a bottle at bottle that caught Brown’s chin. The rapper posted a picture of the gash that resulted on Twitter. Along with the image was the message:

"N****s throwing bottles! Y'all n****z weak! Ok! N****s stand behind security!!!! Ok! U don't pay them enough! N****s hiding in the bathroom bitch ass n****s! And I'm the singer?”

White people translation:

“Drake's friends are throwing bottles! Everyone here is pathetic! Ok! Your crew can’t get past security! Ok! You don't pay them enough! Your crew has to hide out in the bathroom! And you make fun of me for being a "singer'?”

Brown went on to question Drake’s masculinity, calling him out for the girly move.

(The photo and tweets have since been removed.)

Why did this all happen? Well, reportedly the hotheaded hip-hoppers got in a heated debate over Rihanna, who Drizzy - aka Drake - has been rumored to have had a romantic fling with. Drake reportedly started the banter after Brown sent over a bottle of bubbly. And then their entourages stood by and waited.

Words were exchanged which allegedly led to fists, which allegedly led to bottles… Chris Brown got the worst of it. According to Global Grind he was punched and hit with the bottle before he could retaliate. Eyewitnesses believe that fellow artist Meek Mill, who was hanging out with Drake, may have been the instigator.

NYPD showed up to the club between 4 and 5am and TMZ reports neither Chris or Drake were present.

A source tells Hollyscoop that police do not have Drake listed as involved in the alleged altercation and that if he had been, "Chris Brown would not have held back in his tweet and called him out. He didn't."

In addition, the source says the police report references five people who were injured and Drake's name was not on that list.

This might be one of those times when it's good to have an entourage that's got your back!

Drake's rep issued the following statement to Hollyscoop, "Drake did not participate in any wrongdoing of any kind last night at W.i.P. He was on his way out of the club when the altercation began. He did not engage in any activity which resulted in injury to person or damage to property.”

The life and times of a baller...

Chris Brown's rep has not yet issued a statement.