Solo Chris Brown Hits on Carmen Electra

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Solo Chris Brown Hits on Carmen Electra
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Well, it isn’t Chris Brown’s abusive hands that are getting him in trouble this time. It’s his wandering eyes.

Hollyscoop has exclusively learned that the R&B singer got a little too big for his britches at Elton John’s Oscar Party on Sunday. Brown, who officially just got back with Rihanna—AKA the girl he battered to a pulp in 2009— last month, was seen hitting on a different girl: Carmen Electra.

Here’s the way it all went down…

According to an eyewitness at the party, at some point in the evening, Carmen passed Brown en route from the restroom. Breezy made his move, telling the stunner that she “smells amazing.”

Note to guys… We’re guessing that this cheese-filled pickup line rarely works unless, of course, you’re Chris Brown. But, even in this case, the “Don't Judge Me” singer got shut down.

Unable to handle the bizarre comment, Carmen thanked Brown.

The eyewitness tells HS that Brown, “asked if he could smell her and then buried his face into her neck.”

Brown sniffed the model up and down as if he were a prospector searching for nose gold…  yeah, it got weird.

The witness says that Carmen became (understandably) uneasy and politely walked away.

Based on other gossip circling the rumor mill, Brown then set his sights on other women in the room for his next flirt attack. No word on whether any of his other adulterous stunts proved more successful.