Chris Brown Has History of Domestic Violence

August 25, 2009 By:
Chris Brown Has History of Domestic Violence

For some unknown reason everyone is reporting on Chris Brown's violent past today when Hollyscoop first reported it back in March.

Like Hollyscoop had reported exclusively five months ago, after Chris attacked Rihanna in February, she confessed there had been two other incidences in which she felt threatened by Chris.

Rihanna told investigators that the first incident occurred when the couple was visiting Rihanna’s family in her native Barbados back in August 2008. She described the incident as a verbal dispute, and added that no one was assaulted.

The second incident occurred in Europe in January 2009. It was a verbal dispute, which led to Rihanna slapping Chris Brown. In self-defense, Chris pushed her up “against the wall” to try and calm her down.

Three weeks before he attacked Rihanna, they got into an argument while driving which resulted in Chris getting out of the car and breaking both the driver's and front passenger side windows.

Earlier today Chris was sentenced to five years probation and 180 days community labor, which will be supervised by the chief of police in Richmond, Va.

Brown reached a plea deal with L.A. prosecutors back in June to avoid jail time and get probation instead. Aside from 5 years of probation, he also has to take a yearlong domestic violence prevention class.

He has to personally come to court every 3 months during his probation. The first appearance will be November 19. He's also not allowed to leave the country without approval nor is he allowed to contact Rihanna for five years.

So long story short, we're not sure why everyone is recycling a story that's five months old, but there you go anyway.