Chris Brown Doesn’t 'Pillow Talk,' He 'Just Lays The Pipe'

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Chris Brown Doesn’t 'Pillow Talk,' He 'Just Lays The Pipe'
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Chris Brown is doing the media rounds lately to promote his upcoming album “X” or something, but it ended up turning into the “Chris Brown is still a douchebag” tour.

Chris went on "The Today Show" yesterday and insisted that he’s a changed man and is better because of his love of Rihanna yada yada yada and then he gave an interview to Hot 97 radio DJ Angie Martinez and sounded more like the Chris Breezy we’re used to.

When asked about his relationship with Rihanna, Chris point-blank said, “I just do my thing. I just lay the pipe. I don’t talk…I don’t pillow talk.”

What a romantic.

So when Chris Brown is not laying down the pipe (and what a pipe it is, remember his naked photo scandal?) he and RiRi DO talk.

“What do we talk about?” says Chris, “Just the focused stuff, we talk about us. Not the negative stuff.”

Some of that "negative stuff" being his beef with Drake.  To jog your memory, Drake used to date Rihanna and he and Chris got into it at a nightclub this summer and threw champagne bottles at one another. Do you remember? Of course you do.

“Me and him don’t see eye to eye so it’s gonna be what it is…Me and Drake. I can say his name. I don’t care. We’re never gonna see eye to eye,” says Chris.

Also, he confirmed that Rihanna IS his soul mate. Well, sort of. When asked if Rihanna was his soul mate he said, “to a degree, yeah.”

And during those three years after he punched her in the face, Chris and RiRi didn’t talk, but Chris stayed in love with her revealing his thought process during that time.

“I thought, ‘Hopefully if [our love] is real, it’ll come back.”

Awww, that’s actually kind of cute. We almost like Chris…oh wait, and then he said this.

“Yeah, I looked at J.Lo’s butt.”

Ok, he’s back.