Chris Brown Debuts New Tattoo

July 16, 2012 By:
Chris Brown Debuts New Tattoo

Like Willy Wonka’s golden tickets, an un-inked spot on Chris Brown’s body is hard to come by.

The R&B singer did manage to find a free spot on the back of his right shoulder. He quickly covered it up with a large, depiction of a very pissed off snake.

Coiled in a circle pattern, the snake appears to be defending his or her territory. Fangs showing, its big, profiled head seems to proclaim, “bring it on” for onlookers. The snake’s wiry tongue twirls out of its mouth.

The new tat is completely in black and white aside for one key detail, a red triangle on the tip of the its rattling tail. The shape is a depiction of the Eye of Providence.

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No official word yet on whether this is a symbol of the divine presence of God in Chris’ life, his super fandom to Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, or just a reference to all the dollar bills in his pocket.

According to – yeah, that’s a real site – the snake is actually a reference to the year 1989, aka the year of the snake in regards to Ancient Chinese wisdom.

People born during the year of the snake are known to be graceful, exciting and dark. All of which could certainly be used to describe Breezy’s dance moves and personality.

Chris’ other ink includes roses on his chest, a cluster of stars on his neck, and a massive smiley/skull face on the artist’s back.

He’s not the only one getting inked lately. His ex-girlfriend Rihanna recently tweeted her new ink job of a gun-shaped Egyptian falcon on her ankle.