Chris Brown Concentrating on Music and Not Rihanna

May 21, 2009 By:
Chris Brown Concentrating on Music and Not Rihanna

Chris Brown isn’t letting his legal woes get in the way of making his next album. In fact, he’s even thinking of shaking things up a bit, and going country! Brown has been held up in the studio for the last few months working on a new album. One thing he is not talking about is Rihanna!

According to E!, there’s a new song that may appear on his album called “Trapped in a Dream,” and Chris is considering a country star to duet with him on it.

Robert Allen, a producer working on the album with Chris, told E!, "Maybe we'll see an appearance from Carrie Underwood or someone like that. It's that kind of song."

He went on to say, "It's just feeling like you don't want that dream to go away. Everybody has a dream and you're in it, but you wake up and you're like, 'Oh, my God.' You feel like you're still in that dream."

Allen said Brown doesn't talk about what's going on with Rihanna, who is also spending time in the studio. He said, "We just focus on music. We're just happy-go-lucky people who just get into the studio as much as possible."

We commend Chris for keeping himself focused on music during this time, but pretty soon he’s going to have to face the real music, if you know what we mean!