Chris Brown Compares Himself to Jesus, Might Be Arrested

January 29, 2013 By:
Chris Brown Compares Himself to Jesus, Might Be Arrested

Chris Brown was involved in ANOTHER fist fight/Twitter feud over the weekend, this time with R&B star Frank Ocean because Frank refused to give up his parking space.

So, that first-world-problem happened and then Chris Brown painted a picture of a crucified Jesus lying on the cross, posted it to Instagram, and then wrote, “Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!”

Chris Brown “feels” like Jesus today? Seriously Chris? I know you might have meant, “I felt like painting a portrait of Jesus,” but it comes across as “I feel like I’m being persecuted just like God’s son,” which is basically spoon-feeding the world another reason to dislike you. Remember when Kanye posed as Jesus on the cover of Rolling Stone? Yeah, how’d that work out for him? It didn’t.

Anyways, it’s not like Chris doesn’t have things to complain about.

His parking lot brawl might land him back in jail. He’s currently on probation for beating Rihanna all those years ago and now Frank Ocean wants to press charges against him for the fight.

Frank is being identified as the victim, but according to some sources, it was Frank’s buddy who threw the first punch which made Chris want to lash out. 

L.A. County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore tells Hollyscoop

"Lets be clear about something. Frank Ocean desired prosecution hours after the event. No charges have been filed. This is a battery case. It is a misdemeanor. Don't forget this was a minor scuffle over a parking space. What if it turns out it was mutual? Then, no charges will be filed. Then no arrests would be made. If in the end an arrest was made - well it wouldn't really be an arrest... (Chris was notified that Frank was going to take it to the DA and then the DA would order them to all appear in court)... if all of that occurred which is very dubious right now, the court would CERTAINLY have to look at that because when you are on probation like Chris is you have to do everything by the book."

So anyways, all this REALLY means is that Chris Brown is still the worst.