Chris Brown Cleaning House

March 12, 2009 By:
Chris Brown Cleaning House

Chris Brown is reportedly unhappy with the way his camp has dealt with the aftermath of his "altercation" with Rihanna and is planning on cleaning house soon, or at least that's what the New York Post is reporting.

According to the publication, Chris is furious that reports of his alleged "sexual relationship" with his former manager Tina Davis were leaked.

Davis was cited as the "other woman" who sent texts to Brown the night of the altercation causing the fight in the Lamborghini, all of which Davis denies.

Davis denies "rumors" of any texts or "sexual relationships" claiming her and Brown were strictly "manager and client."

But that's not all, he's reportedly not happy with his current crisis management team as well. The insider added: "Chris wanted to apologize [for the alleged beat-down] much earlier . . . and he was upset when the apology was finally released because it sounded so insincere."

However Brown's business attorney, Kenny Meiselas is singing a different tune. He said, "We are very happy with Chris' team and there are no changes." Guess only time will tell!


Chris Brown's team has responded to reports that he is considering replacing his management, attorney and crisis team, saying non of it is true. Here is a statement from co-manager Joyce Hawkins:

"Reports that Chris is looking to replace his team, including Mark Geragos, Tina Davis and Mike Sitrick, are false," says the statement from Joyce Hawkins.

"There are only two people who could make a change at that level on Chris' behalf: his business attorney Kenny Meiselas and me – and neither of us were the source of this information.

"To the contrary, Kenny told the media outlet that broke this item, that the information they had was false. So there is no room for doubt or misunderstanding, let me state unequivocally, that no change is planned or being made with respect to Mark Geragos, Tina Davis or Mike Sitrick. We are very pleased with the work they are doing."