Chris Brown Axed from Dancing with the Stars?

March 22, 2011 By:
Chris Brown Axed from Dancing with the Stars?

Unless you’re Charlie Sheen, crazy has a price. Chris Brown’s violent outburst may have cost him his appearance on Dancing With the Stars.

A GMA insider told Popeater, “Chris was so dangerous backstage that we called 911. Now ABC has to decide if they are willing to let this man promote his music on a family show on its network or walk away from this obviously troubled young man.”

If it’s security they’re worried about, no problem. They’ve got Kirstie Alley, you think she’s gonna put up with his sh-t? The minute he acts up she’ll hurl him across the room faster than a chair hitting a window.

Popeater also says several DWTS cast members have told them they don’t want anything to do with Chris Brown.

So if he does go on, I guess he’ll be dancing with himself in a number that will undoubtedly end with him ripping the shirt from his back, revealing his winged breasts.