Chris Brown Asks Rihanna For Another Chance

September 15, 2009 By:
Chris Brown Asks Rihanna For Another Chance

Chris Brown must be really heartbroken to do something like this! He has reached out to Rihanna to ask her to give him another chance.

He has reportedly written on his Twitter: "MY HEART IS INCOMPLETE... the part that is complete is my love for fans, career, friends, family... God. But I’m missing someone or something."

But Chris didn’t stop there! He then linked the message to a YouTube video of his song “Changed Man,” and featured a series of pictures of him and Rihanna together.

He also wrote on Twitter, "Sorry all, just one of those days."

The lyrics of “Changed Man” include: "Daily / I’ve been waiting / For the time to pass / and let it fade in.”

"They looking at you / Telling you / We need to break it up / You need to trust what you do / It’s you and me my love / But Ima make it up to you / And show the world / I’m a changed man."

It seems like Rihanna has been trying her best to move on from him, so we’re not sure how she’ll react to this blatant plea. But we have to remember that less than a year ago these two were inseparable.

Should Rihanna ever take Chris back??