Chris Brown And Paris Hilton - An Unlikely Pair In Cannes

July 26, 2012 By:

So we've established that Chris Brown is not hanging out with his ex Rihanna, while the two just so happen to coincidentally be in the South of France at the same time -- but he is most definitely hanging out with, wait for it…. Paris Hilton (?).

Paris has apparently been in the same warm weather playground for overly indulgent yachters.

Perhaps she’s showing signs of a bit of self-awareness and in response took to a Twitter storm of posting pics of her partying with people we currently care way more about.

Paris wants you to know that she is indeed in the South of France. Partying. With Chris Brown.

She puts him in a headlock, and he smokes in her face to prove it:

No really, look, they pose for pics together:

Oh, here’s a snap she took of herself this morning, just in case you forgot who’s feed you were reading:

And just so you know, she’s friends with Brown’s current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran as well… or at the very least they like ran into each other yesterday and hung out long enough to take an instant snapshot:

What does all this really mean? Hilton’s feed seems to single handedly prove a couple of things without a shadow of a doubt.

1.) She’s still really enamored with being herself

2.) Karrueche is indeed in the region with her boyfriend, so how could he be visiting with Rihanna, right?

3.) Chris isn’t doing anything shady like stepping out on his girl, and he’s got snapshots with other chicks to prove it.

So there….

Or, void points 2 and 3, and insert a bit about Paris being in on the whole thing and is really just trying to provide a very public, social media style alibi for Chris?

Think about that one!