Chloe Moretz is Unrecognizable on Cover of 'Glamour'

August 5, 2013 By:
Chloe Moretz is Unrecognizable on Cover of 'Glamour'

Last we checked, Chloe Moretz was like, what? 11? 14? 16? She’s 16?!

Regardless, Chloe is like, a little kid…basically.

Well, not anymore. Chloe channels Old Hollywood glamour on the cover of Glamour and looks NOTHING like herself. 

Of course, on the inner pages of the mag, she looks more familiar, AKA 14-years-old again.

However, she does not live the life of a typical 16-year-old. When asked how she feels about fashion she said, “to go away to Paris and talk about clothes, that’s like my princess time.”

But she’s always let down by the uppity world of fashion, “I’m lucky designers dress me, so I’m able to wear really, really crazy stuff! But there are brands that say, ‘We can’t dress you until you’re 20.’ People who buy their clothes don’t want to see a $50,000 dress on a 16-year-old!”

Ohh, the struggles of a high school girl. Le sigh. Marchesa never wants to dress her. Ughhhh.