Big Brother's Chima Simone Addresses Eviction and Racism

August 19, 2009 By:
Big Brother's Chima Simone Addresses Eviction and Racism

Chima Simone may no longer be in the "Big Brother" house, but she still has a few things on her mind she wants to clear up with BB fans.

Since entering the "Big Brother 11" house last month, Simone has been one of the season's most outspoken houseguests, and she found herself in the center of controversy when she used derogatory terms to describe "Russell’s abusive, bullying, and threatening actions."

Speaking exclusively to Hollyscoop, Chima released the following statement about her eviction from "Big Brother 11" and issues her apologies to those she may have offended on the show. She wrote:

Upon recently leaving the Big Brother show this season I have been privy to many judgments and criticisms made of every aspect of my being ranging from things as trivial as my appearance to more egregious comments referring to me as a racist.

As a woman of color, I have experienced racism first hand. I know what it is to be discriminated against so I would never want to inflict that pain onto someone else. I will, however, always stand up for myself. Many of you perceive my resolute candor objectionable, but I have always been outspoken and will remain so. I will never apologize for my looks, personality, or straightforwardness.

Nonetheless, I am particularly sorry that my words disparaged the regard and respect that should be shown to all cultures, especially the Middle Eastern community in this time of great turmoil within our nations. In describing Russell’s abusive, bullying, and threatening actions towards me and other houseguests, I referred to him as a terrorist. I used a phrase that was insensitive given his Middle Eastern descent and I apologize to all who are justifiably offended with my use of that racially charged term.

My sentiments concerning his behavior, however, remain intact. I do not agree with his antagonistic rampages throughout the house. Russell constantly demoralized many of us on a consistent basis and his conduct was alarming, daunting, and terrifying.

Fortunately, for me, I do not have to be subjected to those tirades anymore. I am going on with my life in the real world. I wish the remaining BB housemates the best of luck!


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