Simon Cowell Wants Cheryl Cole on New Show

March 16, 2010 By:
Simon Cowell Wants Cheryl Cole on New Show

Cheryl Cole's personal life might be in the dumps but her professional life is doing really well.

Simon Cowell thinks that Cheryl will be a great addition for the American version of The X Factor. He says, "I'd love to have Cheryl on the show. We have great chemistry. Cheryl's a natural star. People can't help but warm to her."

Cheryl is reportedly considering making the big move to the U.S. and taking Simon up on his offer.

An inside source reveals, "Simon thinks America will fall in love with Cheryl, just like Britain has. She has a unique talent for winning everybody over. She gets involved emotionally with her acts, whereas the other judges don't. She is incredibly passionate, genuine and caring and he knows he needs a judge like that on the line-up.

Cheryl should move to the U.S. and consider doing the American version of X Factor. She will definitely become a bigger star if she does.