Reason Why Cheryl Cole Got Kicked Off X-Factor Revealed

May 26, 2011 By:
Reason Why Cheryl Cole Got Kicked Off X-Factor Revealed

Just when you thought the X-Factor Judge Crisis had been resolved—think again. Cheryl Cole, one of the original judges picked, has now been booted from the show.

Cheryle Cole has been booted from the X-Factor because her accent is too thick for an American audience. Yet, somehow, we can understand Simon Cowell's. And granted, Paula doesn't have a natural born accent, but we somehow managed to get through the slurs during her American Idol days to hear what she was saying. Most of the time.

Sources close to the production are telling TMZ that's the reason for Cole's departure from the show. However, they're also adding there was a "lack of chemistry" between Cheryl and Paula, and a catfight seems a much more likely reason.

One source said: "She had already been tested countless times. Simon had nothing to do with it. This is the network's doing.'"

Producers are asking Cheryl to return to the UK X-Factor, but according to sources, Cheryl is so upset with the situation, she may drop out of X-Factor completely.

"She's had enough," the source said.

Nicole Scherzinger is now set to replace Cheryl, and Steve Jones will host the show solo.

Russell Brand had some advice to give about Cheryl's accent: "Just listen more, just listen very intently. All them things she’s saying – that’s English."

The X-Factor will not hit the U.S. until September, but judges have already been auditioning in New York and Chicago. Reps for both Cole and Cowell have not commented as of yet.