Cheryl Cole to Hire Prince Charles' Divorce Lawyer

March 15, 2010 By:
Cheryl Cole to Hire Prince Charles' Divorce Lawyer

Cheryl Cole has already decided that she's going to leave her cheating hubby Ashley Cole and she's ready to end their marriage as quickly as possible.

Cheryl has reportedly met with Prince Charles' former divorce lawyer to discuss her split from Ashley.

A source told the Mail Online website: “Cheryl is being told she should not drag this through the courts. Lawyers for Ashley could build a case that she wasn't the perfect wife either.

“She has hardly seen him for months on end due to work and her mother Joan's presence in the house has hardly been conducive to romance.”

Cheryl has been told their assets are likely to be divided equally, because they have been married for less than four years, but that still includes a ton of money and their six-bedroom mansion in Surrey, which is worth £6 million.

Cheryl shouldn't have to tolerate Ashley's scandalous behavior so we're glad she's considering leaving him for good. She could do so much better!