Cheryl Cole Shocked She Lost X-Factor Gig

May 27, 2011 By:
Cheryl Cole Shocked She Lost X-Factor Gig

If you were shocked to hear Cheryl Cole was axed as a judge from the US version of X-Factor, you weren’t the only one.

Cheryl is reportedly devastated over Simon Cowell’s decision to replace her with Nicole Scherzinger and didn’t see the decision coming at all.

A friend of Cheryl's said: "She is completed shocked and stunned. She never saw this coming. The fact Simon didn't tell her in person hurt. She never thought he would do that to her."

Cheryl pretty much found out she lost the gig the same way we all did—online. She’s mostly upset that Simon didn’t even give her a chance to prove herself on the show.

She is quoted by the Daily Mirror newspaper as telling a friend: "I've been hung out to dry and I know who's to blame. I've had no opportunity whatsoever to prove myself and instead they've just cast me aside like a fool."

Now Simon has been accused of "losing his touch" on the show. When he fired Cheryl it proved that he is no longer the "arch manipulator" he thinks of himself as.

A source said: "Simon Cowell wants to be seen as the arch manipulator, the controller of everyone's destiny, yet he seems to be losing his touch.

"He thinks he keeps everyone on their toes by leaving announcements until the last minute, but it just looks desperate. He prides himself on being able to charm everyone into doing hat he wants but the tactic is not working.

"He couldn't get most of the US stars he wanted for 'The X Factor' and the Fox guys over-ruled him on Cheryl, which has got to hurt."

What do you think of all the drama surrounding the show? The Voice has already stolen most of American Idol’s thunder; do you think X-Factor has what it takes to compete with the big boys? Tell us your thoughts!