Cheryl Cole Rethinking Divorce

February 26, 2010 By:
Cheryl Cole Rethinking Divorce

Cheryl Cole is reportedly considering giving her cheating husband, Ashley Cole, another chance because she's "confused."

She reportedly doesn't know whether or not she should let him explain his alleged infidelities and try one last time to save their troubled relationship.

A source said: “He’s pleaded to meet Cheryl in the next three or four days for talks. He wants to state his case, and explain why he deserves another chance.

Another source added: “Cheryl is in two minds. Her heart says ‘yes’ but her head says ‘no’. She is so confused. They have had the odd conversation on the telephone. But she doesn’t know if she can bear to see him just yet.”

Meanwhile, Cheryl's hubby Ashley is refusing to take his wedding ring off and accept the fact that his wife may file for divorce.

A pal told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “He knows he messed up royally. All the boys have been telling him he’s an idiot and that he’s blown the best thing that has ever happened to him - Cheryl. Ashley is filled with remorse.”

She needs to just leave his cheating a** and move on with her life. This is the second time during their three-year marriage that he's been accused of being unfaithful. Do you think she should consider giving him another chance? Tell us your thoughts!