Cheryl Cole Moving Out of Marital Home

March 10, 2010 By:
Cheryl Cole Moving Out of Marital Home

British babe Cheryl Cole is planning on moving out of the home she shares with her cheating husband Ashley Cole as soon as possible because it holds too many painful memories for her.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Cheryl does not want the separation to be a long, drawn-out affair. She wants to find somewhere quickly so she can regain stability and become settled once more.

“If she can’t find somewhere she likes she’ll consider rented accommodation in the short term.”

Ashley was supposed to fly home yesterday so they can discuss the future of their relationship, but decided to stay at the clinic in Paris where he's being treated for a broken ankle instead.

A source at the CERS clinic in South West France told the Daily Star newspaper: “He has faced a dreadful dilemma. You could almost say he put England before Cheryl.”

Cheryl has already made up her mind about their marriage and won't be giving Ashley another chance. It's not the first time he's cheated and the news went public. In a span of three years Cheryl has been left humiliated twice over his infidelities.