Cheryl Cole Gets Big Payout From Divorce

June 5, 2010 By:
Cheryl Cole Gets Big Payout From Divorce

Cheryl Cole said adios to her cheating hubby, soccer player Ashley Cole, last month when she filed for divorce and it looks like she's going to get a sweet payout from the big D.

She's reportedly going to get $6.8 million dollars once the divorce is finalized.

Cheryl Cole Files for Divorce

Cheryl was so disgusted by his cheating ways she filed for divorce on May 10th and was prepared to allow him to keep their marital home in Surrey, England and not demand any financial support.

A source tells the UK Sun, "He can't believe she will walk away with nothing. She worked as hard as him for their possessions."

Cheryl was way too good for Ashley anyway. He was practically becoming the next Tiger Woods with how many women he had on the side. Shameless!