Cheryl Cole Expected to File for Divorce

February 18, 2010 By:
Cheryl Cole Expected to File for Divorce

Cheryl Cole is reportedly set to file from divorce from her cheating hubby Ashley Cole. And she's going to do it sooner than later.

In the past few weeks Ashley has been accused of cheating on Cheryl with an unnamed blonde secretary. And this isn't the first time he's gotten caught cheating!

One pal told the Daily Mail newspaper: “Cheryl is holding it together, she is extremely tough - don't forget she comes from a council estate in Newcastle, England, and is a fighter.

“She loves Ashley, he is the love of her life, but there is only so much she will take. Cheryl is exhausted with it all. There was a point when she was going to ride it all out, but she has heard rumors of more women and cannot face it. They will split within weeks.”

The unnamed secretary claimed she slept with Ashley twice in 2008 and they've exchanged over 300 raunchy text messages ever since.

If Cheryl does file for divorce she can expect to get a large sum of her Soccer player hubby's money because they didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement.

A legal source said: “This is an unusual situation for a footballer as very few have wives with their own earnings. However, the discrepancy between their net worths means that Mrs. Cole would have a very strong case for a significant claim over a large portion of his wealth, now and in the future.”

Cheryl stopped wearing her wedding ring weeks ago so divorce proceedings shouldn't be too far away. What do you guys think of the situation? Should Cheryl leave him?