Cheryl Cole Breaks Up With Ashley Cole: We're Done!

July 18, 2011 By:
Cheryl Cole Breaks Up With Ashley Cole: We're Done!

Talk about a short-lived reconciliation. Cheryl Cole and her ex-husband Ashley Cole are officially back off again.

Cheryl was hoping that her and Ashley would talk and slowly start to work on their marriage, but immediately canceled all talks after she found out he reportedly slept with flight attendant Kerry Meades just one month ago in Los Angeles.

Just a few days before he flew to Los Angeles to help Cheryl celebrate her birthday, he reportedly hooked up with Meades and now that Cheryl knows all the details, she’s absolutely livid.

A source said: “Once again Ashley appears to have outdone himself. Just as Cheryl’s getting back on track … he does this. She is humiliated.

“Ashley had organized a family gathering, a barbecue, for when he got back from pre-season training in the Far East. This has now been scrapped. Cheryl told him on the phone yesterday that clearly Ashley isn’t yet ready to be a committed family man. At one point they had a blazing row and Cheryl basically said she was through with him and told Ashley to delete her number and leave her alone."

Once a cheater, always a cheater. He cheated on her more times than we could keep count while they were married. Now that they’re divorced, it’s not going to be any better—it’s going to be much worse. Cut your losses and move on girl, plenty of [non-cheating] fish in the sea.