Chelsea Handler Wants to Have Sex With Eminem

September 9, 2010 By:
Chelsea Handler Wants to Have Sex With Eminem

Chelsea Handler has a plan for her post-VMA performance: have sex with Eminem.

She recently sat down with MTV to discuss her wishes, saying, “I will probably have sex with him after the show is over. Probably – I don’t see why I wouldn’t.”

Chelsea, who is recently single after breaking up with Animal Planet star Dave Salmoni, has been making hints about her love of hip hop singers and rappers on her show lately. She’s often talked about her love of both T.I. and 50 Cent.

“I’m fair game, it’s not like I’m that picky – you’ve seen the guys I’ve dated,” Handler added.

She said: “I like Swizz Beatz, just because I would like to yell out in bed, ‘Swizz Beatz! Keep it coming!’”

She’s going to be hysterical at the VMAs! Wonder how many people there will be in the audience that she’s made fun of over the years…