Chelsea Handler Offends Serbians in Rant

June 24, 2011 By:
Chelsea Handler Offends Serbians in Rant

It’s not enough that we’ve attacked their country and killed their people, now we’ve unleashed Chelsea Handler on the Serbians.

Handler went on a rant on her E! show, reading a statement from Serbian Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac, who said the recent Amy Winehouse concert was “a disappointment”. Handler then said:

“Guess what? So is your country.”

Whether it’s Serbia, Angelina Jolie or Kirstie Alley, Handler’s entire career is based on bashing whatever is trending on Twitter. Which—don’t get me wrong—I’m all for, but at least don’t make it sound like a racist rant. Throw in an actual joke every once in a while that doesn’t involve laughing at a midget. If I wanted to hear a bitter, middle-aged woman complaining about sh-t, I’d join a Pilates class.

A Facebook page popped up boycotting Handler’s comments, and it already has nearly 30,000 likes. The page explains:

“Greg Proops in trying to seem ‘intellectual' by knowing the lies spewed by the media, said that there was ethnic cleansing and genocide in Serbia (of which there is no basis for this claim) and that the Winehouse concert was worse than that. How comical is it to compare the Winehouse concert to any kind of ethnic cleansing or genocide?”

It adds that, “Ms. Handler then made the comment that she could not believe that they even allow Serbians to go to concerts, and that she did not even know that was going on over there.”

To be fair, we’re lucky to live in a country where Freedom of Speech is a right, so I think Chelsea Handler and the co-hosts she pays in hand jobs should be able to say what they want. But Handler’s definition of “comedian” seems solely to be someone with a monotone voice who says the word “assh-le” occasionally and points out whenever someone is Black. Put her on Fox News, not E!.