Chelsea Handler Dumped 50 Cent

January 26, 2011 By:
Chelsea Handler Dumped 50 Cent

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again--Chelsea Handler is a playah!

Sources say Chelsea was the one who ended her fling with 50 Cent. According to insiders, she left him


Doesn’t sound like him at all!!! But apparently Chels dumped the rapper prior to the holidays. A source says he "spent Christmas sending her gifts, but she sent them back. She put a note on one that said, 'I can buy my own gifts.'"

Chelsea Handler Dating Hot Hotelier

This is equal parts hilarious and sad! But seriously, did we really think they were going to work out?!

As for what’s going on with Chelsea and her new man Andre Balazs, a friend says they’re totally an item.

"Chelsea and Andre are dating," a Handler pal confirms. "He's exactly her type."

Weird that she would go so out of her way to deny it like she did on her show earlier this week. But maybe she actually likes this guy and doesn’t want to make a joke of their relationship like she did with poor Fiddy.