Watch: New Trailer for Snow White and The Huntsman

March 19, 2012 By:
Watch: New Trailer for Snow White and The Huntsman

It’s not exactly for kids.

Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart star in the upcoming Snow White flick, Snow White and the Huntsman, and a new trailer for the film was released on Monday.

Charlize Theron has never been scarier. It shows her beauty-obsessed character, Queen Ravenna, quite literally sucking the prettiness out of young girls. In one scene, she holds up a young lady, opens her mouth wide, and you can see the beauty being sucked out of the poor girl. But hey, Ravenna gets to stay young and hot. I mean, Botox is a little less severe, but to each her own.

The movie is eerily dark, a far cry from the other Snow White movie coming out, Mirror Mirror. Not to knock Julia Roberts, but Charlize’s version of the Queen sent chills up my spine.

The traditional premise of the movie is established in the trailer, with Kristen Stewart becoming the object of Charlize’s violent envy.

“I see what she sees,” Stewart’s Snow White reveals in the trailer. “I can kill her.”

Woah! That’s a far cry from the 'Whistle While You Work' Snow White I remember from my youth.

The trailer ends with Queen Ravenna saying: “Let them come.” Terrifying laughter then closes it.

Charlize and Kristen stopped by the Today Show on Monday, to talk about the flick with Matt Lauer.

"I think these stories, thematically, bleed into a lot of stuff that's relevant," Charlize said of reviving fairytales.

"So I'm not shocked that we're having an outbreak of a lot of these kinds of classic fairytales being retold. There's a way to do them in different worlds, and I think that's the case with this. They were definitely made for very specific audiences and very different audiences."

Snow White and The Huntsman also stars Chris Hemsworth, who also appears in the trailer and plays ‘The Huntsman’ part of the title.

The film is set to be released June 1. You can check out the new trailer below, as well as a five minute extended look with new scenes from the movie on