New Mom Charlize Theron Steps Out With Baby Jackson

March 27, 2012 By:
New Mom Charlize Theron Steps Out With Baby Jackson

Welcome to motherhood, Charlize. Prepare to leave many restaurants mid-meal as the little guy screams at the top of his lungs for no apparent reason. I've never had a kid, but that's pretty much what I imagine motherhood to be like.

Charlize Theron headed to the post office in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and she was either carrying some new, giant Birkin bag, or that's a car seat with her new son, Jackson, in tow.

"It's changed a tiny bit," Charlize told Ryan Seacrest of her role as adoptive mom. "I now travel in a pack."

And so far, so good.

"Look, it's been amazing the amount of emails and congratulations," she gushed. "Everyone's just been so lovely. So it's been really nice."

Charlize was reportedly at the post office getting a passport for the baby. The kid can't even walk, and he's already going to be globetrotting.

A friend of Theron says she named the 4 month-old boy herself. "She really loves the name!" the friend says.

Another insider revealed that Charlize has been trying to adopt for years, saying: "It's been a long time in the making."

And back in 2010, Charlize did say: "I know I want to raise a big family."

So this might just be the first of many. Need more babies to adopt, Charlize? How about a 28 year-old Asian little girl?

"Jackson will go wherever she goes," the source continues. "Charlize will be a full-time mom!"