Female Celebs Who’ve Shaved It All Off

June 13, 2012 By:
Female Celebs Who’ve Shaved It All Off

The Internet community collectively did a spit take when photos surfaced of Charlize Theron’s new appearance. The hot mom shockingly went bald, cutting off all of her golden locks.

En route to a doctor’s visit for her son Jackson, Charlize was spotted and snapped along with her missing hair for the first time. She wore a navy blue, red and white sweater and a grey fedora that fit a little looser than the last time she tried it on.

And no… This isn’t an effort to stay cool this summer.

The new hairdo is part of her new role as Furiosa in the film Mad Max: Fury Road, which will reboot the ‘70s/’80s series that starred Mel Gibson.

Now, in honor of Charlize’s bold, bold move, let’s take a good look back at some of the women who came before her, and may have served as the actress’ inspiration….

Cameron Diaz:

The fellow blonde bombshell shocked us all with her egg head, going fully bald for her role as Sara Fitzgerald in the 2009 film My Sister’s Keeper. Her character shaves her head in order to support her ill mother.

Natalie Portman:

The forever good-looking Natalie wowed us even with no hair in 2005. Her short 'do style choice was done for her role as Evey in the Wachowski Brothers epic V for Vendetta.

Demi Moore:

It’s perhaps her most memorable role ever… In fact, it’s hard to imagine Demi without a flash of her as G.I. Jane. Since then, she has wowed us with long flowing jet black hair. Still, the bald-Jane memory remains….

Britney Spears:

No, Britney, we didn’t block this tragedy from our minds as well as you have over the years. During the climax of her breakdown in 2007, Britney shaved it all off. However, unlike these other women, her spur of the moment decision was for no particular reason at all.

Halle Berry:

Shortly after Britney’s naked head debut, Halle Berry went bald as well. The move coincided with the filming of Perfect Stranger that she starred in with Bruce Willis. In the film, Halle’s character attempts to conceal her identity.

Ellen Page:

Yes, we all know Page from Juno… But perhaps you have yet to see the film Mouth to Mouth that premiered two years before it. In this delightful feature, viewers can watch the Canadian actress get her head shaved live on camera.

Sigourney Weaver:

Everyone’s favorite Alien-killing machine Sigourney Weaver wisely went bald for the now classic 1979 flick. The move has scored her a series of other sci-fi roles including James Cameron’s Avatar and this year’s hit Cabin in the Woods.