Charlize Theron To Skip The Oscars

February 18, 2008 By:
Charlize Theron To Skip The Oscars

If you're planning on watching the Oscars this year, don't hold your breath for Charlize Theron, because the actress claims she'll be watching the big show in her pajamas.

The red carpet isn't going to the same without the always-stunning Theron, but she doesn't think it’s appropriate for stars that weren't nominated to attend the ceremony.

Speaking at the Dublin International Film Festival, she said: "We are not going. I don't think you go to those kind of award shows unless you are nominated.

"I think it's a special thing if you get a nomination, or your film does. Then you go. But we don't have any nominations or anything like that in the house, so we sit in our jammies and watch it on the couch."

The red carpet won't be the same without you Charlize!