Charlize Theron Reveals Too Much to Vogue

August 13, 2009 By:
Charlize Theron Reveals Too Much to Vogue

Has Charlize Theron ever looked bad? The Academy Award winning actress graces the September cover of Vogue magazine looking absolutely stunning in an off the shoulder satin gown.

In the special fall issue of the magazine, Charlize talks about revealing too much about herself, her longtime love Stuart and cocaine. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Charlize on revealing too much about herself:
"I feel like I always reveal too much," Charlize Theron says with no detectable sense of regret. "There's something sexy about the mystery. I don't know how to play that card, though."

Charlize on her longtime love Stuart Townsend:
“We’ve been together for almost nine years, so by now we’ve kind of realized that we’re going to take this journey together.” (They’re not married.)

Charlize on cocaine
“People tell me that cocaine makes you feel superhuman and you’ll say anything. Then when you come down like all of a sudden you have guilt. But I have that feeling innately, even without the cocaine.”

Charlize on playing all strong women for films:
I can’t tell you about that but I know how I feel about facing my own weaknesses, and playing into my weaknesses and finding that within my characters. My weaknesses are way more interesting to me than my strengths.”