Charlize Theron: My Son is 'The Coolest Kid Ever'

April 5, 2012 By:
Charlize Theron: My Son is 'The Coolest Kid Ever'

Apparently, Charlize Theron’s son wears vintage Wayfarers and got Coachella tickets, because he’s reportedly “the coolest kid ever.”

Charlize Theron is photographed in the May issue of Vogue, looking every bit the blonde bombshell she is. In the magazine, she dishes about her exciting new role as a mom.

Charlize revealed last month that she recently adopted and is now mom to baby Jackson Theron—a.k.a “the coolest kid ever.”

"I've always been very honest in saying I wanted a family. I've always known I wanted a family," she tells Vogue, before joking, "I don't think my mom could wait any more!"

Charlize says she’s learned a lot from her own mother, and that she hopes “to be like my mom. Fair, tough, loving and supportive. My mom has made it possible for me to be who I am. Our family is everything. Her greatest skill was encouraging me to find my own person and own independence.”

Meanwhile, Charlize had a sex tape leaked, except that that didn’t happen at all.

Charlize filmed a fake leaked sex tape for Funny or Die in honor of April Fool’s Day. The mock video begins with Charlize saying: “I hope nobody sees this who isn’t supposed to see this.”

"Move over Paris and Kim, because I'm into some really kinky sh-t," Charlize jokes, as the camera pans over to reveal two men in bondage gear, tied up.

In a demonic voice, Charlize yells “Dance. DANCE!”

The most disturbing part is, even though it was a joke, someone probably still made love to themselves with this. Just saying.