Charlize Theron: Motherhood Is 'Amazing'

March 16, 2012 By:
Charlize Theron: Motherhood Is 'Amazing'

Charlize Theron has a new man in her life, and his name is Jackson. And he’s actually not a man, he’s a four-month old baby. Close enough, though, am I right, ladies?

Charlize is already enjoying motherhood, as she told Ryan Seacrest on his KISS FM radio show: “It’s been amazing, the amount of emails and congratulations. Everyone’s just been so lovely—it’s been really lovely.”

The 36 year-old actress also says she loves swaddling little Jackson, even though she’s kind of worried that it’s cruel.

“I didn’t think I would be a fan of the swaddling, but the swaddling’s pretty amazing. It sort of looks a bit like a straightjacket – you’re like, ‘Is this child abuse?’ but for some reason they just love it.”

For our non-baby-having readers, swaddling is basically when you wrap your baby up in a blanket tightly, so that it looks like a little worm. Claustrophobia has never been so cute!

According to a source, Charlize has had adoption on her mind for quite a while.

“She has been trying to adopt a baby for a long time,” the source said. “She has been very patient and has a great attitude and is ecstatic about finally becoming a mom."

Charlize added that she already feels motherhood has changed her. “I now travel in a pack,” she told Seacrest.

Theron's news was announced on Wednesday, with her rep saying: "She is the proud mom of a healthy baby boy." Congrats, Charlize. You help make single motherhood look good.