Charlize Theron is Ready for Comedy

March 5, 2009 By:
Charlize Theron is Ready for Comedy

Charlize Theron is sick and tired of being associated with "doom and gloom."

Although Charlize can credit her dark roles for her helping her get an Oscar for Best Actress, she says the next role she does will have to be a comedy.

Charlize said on British TV show 'Richard and Judy': "The next one has to be a comedy. I've always let it be known that I would love to do a musical."

"I am starting to figure that if there is a woman in a doom and gloom scenario, my name comes up."

Maybe Charlize and Jennifer Aniston can switch roles. Aniston is always complaining about being casted in "funny quirky" roles and Charlize is always in "dark and gloomy" ones. Problem solved!