Charlize Theron: I'll Never Marry

June 30, 2011 By:
Charlize Theron: I'll Never Marry

Any man would give their right arm to marry someone like Charlize Theron. She's beautiful, talented and rich. But there's no way this hottie is getting married. Ever.

Charlize insists that marriage simply isn't in the cards for her and she doesn't see herself ever walking down the aisle.

"I really want for myself a long-term relationship, and I have been in long-term relationships," Charlize tells Piers Morgan in an interview to air Thursday on CNN.

"That's the kind of union that I want. The actual ceremony is not something that is important to me, but I see the importance for other people."

When asked if she sees herself every marrying she told Piers: "I don't … I treat my relationships like marriages, I really do." Marriage, she adds, was "never something that was important [to me]."

Charlize dated Stuart Townsend for over 10 years before splitting last year. And while she sometimes referred to him as her husband, they never got married. Or engaged.

And while she's against marriage herself, she's more than willing to fight for gay marriage. "It's a divine right, and when government starts to tell us who can love and what is good love … I do have a problem with that," she says. "I do have a problem with the fact that our government hasn't stepped up enough to make this federal, to make [gay marriage] legal."

I bet she'll meet a guy that will sweep her off her feet and marry him in just a few months. It seems to be the trend lately anyway.