Charlize Theron for W Magazine

May 15, 2008 By:
Charlize Theron for W Magazine

The always stunning Charlize Theron graces the June 2008 cover of W Magazine. In the issue she talks about her red carpet style, her longtime boyfriend Stuart Townsend, and marriage. Here are highlights from the interview...

On her red-carpet transformations:
“It’s great fun when you have three people coming to your house, and one’s doing your nails, one’s doing your hair and one’s doing your makeup. Two hours later, you look gorgeous. But that’s not my life.”

On her choice of roles being driven by its characters:
“More interesting stories come my way about what we consider real people than about glamorous, beautiful people. It really irks me that people think I choose these roles because if I’m not looking attractive, they will take me seriously. I’m sorry, but if I’m going to play a cop, I’m not going to be wearing eyeliner. I’m not going to wake up in a scene with lip gloss on, because that’s not how women wake up, not even the most beautiful women.”

On describing her seven-year relationship with actor Stuart Townsend:”(in a cavewoman grunt) Man, woman. Like to touch each other.”

On never getting married but wanting to be a mother:
“I always knew that I didn’t want to get married [but] I’ve always known that I’d be a mom from the time I was a little girl.”