Charlize for Glamour Magazine

June 3, 2008 By:
Charlize for Glamour Magazine

The always stunning Charlize Theron graces the July issue of Glamour Magazine. In the issue she talks about topless photos, her 7-year relationship with Stuart Townsend, and why she won't be getting married anytime soon. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Charlize on America’s fear of topless beaches: “It bothers me that in this society, it’s OK seeing a guy blow another’s head off, but a child seeing Janet Jackson’s boob at the Super Bowl is the worst thing that could happen. It’s not the end of the world! It’s just a breast!”

Charlize on what keeps her 7-year relationship with Stuart Townsend going: “He’s got beautiful feet and hands. [Laughs.] Here’s the thing: The Beatles had it wrong about love. They did! I think if you are in a one- or two-year relationship, love is enough. You can thrive on that. [But] when you hit years three and four, you realize that if you’re going to live with somebody and not just live near somebody…you have to be nurtured emotionally and spiritually, and you have to be intrigued. Because if that intrigue runs out, you’re not going to want to go home anymore.”

Charlize on why she and Stuart have not walked down the isle: “I want to be clear: I am not judgmental about [the institution of] marriage. I am judgmental about how our government doesn’t want to see the reality of gay and lesbian marriages. [But] I have always known [that marriage is] not something for me. Even when I was a little girl I never dreamed of the white dress and all of that.”

Charlize on how she manages to stay out of the tabloids: “Stuart and I are private because in this business, it’s hard to hold onto something sacred. In this town, you know where not to go if you don’t want [attention]. ”

Charlize on who she is voting for in the presidential election: “I’m voting for Barack Obama. He’s inspiring. Stu and I were watching a documentary the other day about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and there was something about looking into his eyes that reminded me of looking into [Nelson] Mandela’s. And that also reminded me of looking in to Obama’s eyes. There is something [in Obama] that transcends.”