Why Charlie Sheen Delayed Rehab

January 30, 2011 By:
Why Charlie Sheen Delayed Rehab

Despite an announcement that Charlie Sheen entered rehab on Friday, he never quite made it that night.

Charlie's camp is trying to keep his rehab trip as private as possible so they took an extra day to find the perfect rehab center.

"[He] is currently in rehab," his manager, Mark Burg, tells People.

"He was bombarded by every rehab in the country looking for his wallet and publicity, and he has been deciding where to go. With the help of friends and family, he finally agreed to go and went into rehab on Saturday."

"Charlie knows he has work to do and he is looking forward to regaining his sobriety," says Burg, "Charlie hopes to be back at work in the near future but there is no time frame. Regaining his sobriety is what is most important."

Sadly Two and a Half Men's ratings skyrocket every time Charlie goes to rehab, gets arrested, or gets caught with porn stars. He's CBS's golden goose.

Story tuned because someone is bound to sell the info about which rehab center he entered...