When Rehab Doesn’t Work: Top 5 Celebrity Meltdowns

May 9, 2011 By:
When Rehab Doesn’t Work: Top 5 Celebrity Meltdowns

If you want to make a ton of money, just open a rehab facility in Hollywood. Celebrities seem to check into rehab as casually as most of us pick up a to-go order. Its become so common, there’s even a show based around it.

While some celebs overcome their addictions or handle their disorders before they get too out of hand, for a lot of them, not even rehab can isolate the insanity. And as they travel into their downward spiral, a lot of times, these stars emerge with a brand new catchphrase. Think “crack is whack” and “duh, winning!”

So which celebrities used rehab to change their lives, and which have spent their lives in rehab?

5. Whitney Houston: Ever since her meltdown in the early 2000’s, Whitney hasn’t been the same. In 2002, Whitney claimed, “the party’s over.” But ten years later, Houston is back in rehab. Time for another career highlight, Diane Sawyer! Whitney has been through a lot throughout her career, and with a new movie she’s rumored to be filming, it doesn’t appear Whitney is slowing down. So let’s hope she gets the help she needs and makes a major comeback.

4. Catherine Zeta Jones: No one guessed that Catherine had bipolar disorder, but the stress of the past year seemed to bring Catherine’s disorder out. Zeta-Jones entered a rehabilitation facility, released a public statement via her rep, and continued on with her career.

3. Demi Lovato: While on tour with the Jonas Brothers in 2010, Lovato had a nervous breakdown and shortly after entered rehab. Lovato called it the “darkest time” in her life. At the age of 18, let’s hope that’s as bad as it gets! Lovato has openly discussed her issues with bulimia, self-mutilation and bipolar disorder. For a Disney star, Lovato’s got some dark drama!

2. Mel Gibson: Mel Gibson has dug himself quote the hole, and if he emerges from it, then literally anything is possible. Gibson’s racist rants, domestic abuse charges, and series of mug shots have dropped him from America’s sweetheart to box office poison. In 2006, after being arrested for driving under the influence, Gibson entered rehab for alcoholism. That was just the beginning of what would become the worst Hollywood meltdown in history.

1. Charlie Sheen: Charlie Sheen’s voluntary stint in rehab at the beginning of the year was just another after party, until he got fed up and started referring to himself as a “bitchin’ rock star from mars”. His meltdown became legendary, but as fast as people clung on to his inane quotes, they grew tired of him. There are about a million people with “Duh, Winning!” shirts in the back of their closets now.