Two and a Half Men Returning Without Charlie Sheen

April 28, 2011 By:
Two and a Half Men Returning Without Charlie Sheen

Two and a Half Men: 1, Charlie: 0. Despite practically begging for his TAHM job back, execs at Warner Bros. and CBS are moving forward with the show without Charlie Sheen. Boo hoo.

Chuck Lorre told Jon Cryer, who plays Alan Harper on the show, to be on standby because he plans on bringing the show back and having him play a much larger role. Cha-ching!

A new not-yet-cast character will also join the show as Charlie’s fill in. CBS is working on a presentation for advertisers right now and plan on making some kind of announcement next month.

While on his lame Torpedo Tour Charlie confessed he would love to return to TAHM, but apparently Chuck Lorre doesn’t even want to hear it. He’s like that psycho girlfriend you finally get rid off after a bad breakup. There’s no chance for a reconciliation.

So the question remains, who will replace Charlie? Don’t believe any of the rumors you hear, apparently CBS and Warner Bros. have absolutely no idea who will fill in for him. If you were the head of the network, who would you cast to save the show?